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Tree planting at Cinnamon Wild

22 Mar , 2017,
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John Keells Foundation in collaboration with Cinnamon Wild organized a tree planting initiative on the 18th of March 2017. 34 staff volunteers from various John Keells group companies participated in the program, planting 76 trees around the Cinnamon Wild hotel premises. The initiative is part of Cinnamon Wild’s eco-friendly promise, whereby the hotel strives to create a positive impact on the environment. As many trees do not survive the dry season due to lack of water, the main objective was to plant endemic trees (including Kumbuk, Palu, Weera, Kohomba, Kaluwara, Diwul and Siyambala plants) which can survive severe weather conditions. A briefing was held prior to the tree planting to educate volunteers on the various types of endemic trees available and their benefits to the ecosystem. The event was a great success, with one volunteer, Anapayan Ravindra from JayKay Marketing Services saying “I am really glad I got to be involved in this initiative, I was able to make new friends from different companies of the John Keells Group and be a part of a sustainable initiative that will have a great benefit for years to come. I can’t wait to come back to Yala in a few years and see our small plants flourish into large trees”. The general manager of Cinnamon Wild also thanked the volunteers for their support “I’d like to thank all the volunteers who traveled a long distance, dedicating their time and energy towards creating a positive impact on our environment.”